Windshields and Windows

Windshields and Windows

Shocks & Struts

Shocks and struts are a part of the suspension system. The suspension system offers control when you're driving and without it, your vehicle would bounce continuously. Shocks, struts and springs make the ride comfortable. Even if manufacturers don't recommend a specific interval for replacing the suspension system or parts of it, for your safety,
every 50 000 miles you should replace the shocks and struts.
How will you know when to replace shocks and struts?
It's quite hard to know when to replace them if they are not leaking or totally damaged. Shocks and struts damage progressively over time and the small inconveniences usually pass unnoticed. One of the things that you can do to figure out if you need to replace them is to think about how long has it been since their last replacement. New shocks and struts would really improve the ride quality.
 Why should we replace the shocks and struts?
- keeps the vehicle from bouncing
- excessive bouncing can lead to a comfortless experience
- unsafe driving conditions
- worn shocks and struts doesn't transform the ride into a nightmare, but it increases the distance to stop the vehicle   on a rough surface
- a new pair of shocks and struts will restore the proper ride control

To replace the shocks is an easy to do job and you can do it yourself. Many auto passionate drivers choose to replace the shocks by themselves, but when it comes to struts, they choose to leave a professional to handle the job. Struts replacement involves the disassemble of the suspension system and even if you would know how to do that, you should consider that the wheels must be realigned after this process. Lincolnwood Car Service provides you exactly what you need for  your safety: a team of specialists who will carefully replace the shocks and struts, reestablishing the safety for you and your family. Call us for an appointment or just top by to benefit from our professional services.

Steering services

Steering Services

As well as the suspension system, steering system is very important for the safety of you and your family. More than that, functional steering and suspension systems increase the comfort of the ride. If the steering system is ok, the vehicle will maintain its direction. But if the steering system is damaged, the vehicle will loose control. Any problem with the steering can affect other systems of the vehicle.


Most people don't know when they should have the steering system checked. Even the manufacturers don't recommend a specific time, you should at least know how to diagnose the steering problems, before it become too severe. To be able to do that, first you should know the type of the steering system that your vehicle has. The first step is to find our whether your car is a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive model. If you don't know how to do that, simply consult the manufacturer's manual. Even the problems are similar, the two type of models will refer to different repairs or replacements.


When your vehicle needs constant correction while driving, is difficult to steer or has too much play in the steering wheel, you definitely should bring your car to a Lincolnwood Car Service inspection. Our specialists will check the power steering fluid level, in order to add some more or to replace it. A team of dedicated technicians will also check to see if there is a leak in the system. In a short time, your car will be ready and safe.


Along with the fluid level, our mechanics will check the tires to see if they're worn out and will see if the vehicle has alignment problems. If the problem is diagnosed early, the tires might still be ok, but in some cases, according to the steering system, the front or the back tires might be worn out and should be replaced. Steering problems can become severe in a very short time. Remember that not being able to control the power steering can lead to loosing complete control of your vehicle. So, keep your family safe and bring your car to an early inspection at Lincolnwood Car Service.


Suspension Services

Suspension Services

Carsxperts offers you a wide range of suspension services to help your car handle all the twists and turns of the road.

The condition of your suspension systems dramatically affects the quality of your ride. The suspension system has a few components which assure the safety of the road. Struts, shock absorbers, springs and tires, they all contribute on keeping the vehicle on the road, to maintain the vehicle's correct height, to keep the vehicle's direction right or to maintain the optimum wheel alignment. Without all its components working properly, the suspension system wouldn't be able to keep you on a safe road. The suspension system keeps your car going down the road in a straight line and is also smoothing out the bumps in the road.

Speed, road conditions, wind and even weight distribution affect vehicles in motion. To have an effective navigation under any of those factors, your suspension system needs to be in a very good condition. If you're experiencing noise over bumps, bouncing, pulling, wandering, crooked steering wheel, Carsxpert technicians perform a complete  system evaluation. We will let you know exactly which suspension repairs need to be made in order to get you back on the road safely.

Keep your family safe and evaluate your vehicle's suspension system regularly. Even if manufacturers don't recommend a specific mileage or period of time for checking the suspension system, you should know that shocks wear quickly. This is why on every 20.000 km you should check their performance and on 80.000 km you should replace them. Our dedicated technicians will gladly do that for you. Call us or just stop by and Carsxpert mechanics will take a very good care of your vehicle.


Diagnosis Services

Diagnosis Services

Nowadays it's very easy to see if something is wrong to your vehicle, because in almost all cases, a light on the board warns us. Different sensors in the engine send information about the vehicle status all the time. When something goes wrong, the light on the computer board stays on. But hearing, feeling or smelling something different to your vehicle should make you think about bringing it to Lincolnwood Car Service for a full diagnosis service.
Running a car diagnosis to your vehicle means that our specialists will run some tests to see what caused the light on. This is a process which can't be done at home without having a professional diagnosis equipment. In a few steps, our technicians can tell what is wrong with your car.

First, they will do some verification tests and a analysis for:
- Engine and Driveability Problems;
- Battery, Charging and Electrical Problems;
- HVAC Problems;
- Brake Problems;
- Steering Problems;
- Tire and Suspension Problems;
- Transmission Problems.

The second step is the PinPoint diagnostic testing. Running this type of analysis, our technicians will perform some electrical, mechanical and even visual tests.

The third step in diagnosis the vehicle is the TBS research, or the Technical Service Bulletin research. According to the type, model and the year of the vehicle, there can be some specific problems. Manufacturers issue a TBS in which specialists can find descriptions and solutions for common problems and also provide detailed repairing solutions. This save engineers from spending a great deal of time in searching for the right problem and repairing solutions.

The final and the most important step is the repairing of the vehicle. Once the problem is detected, the repairing will be a lot easier. It's very important to know exactly what king of a problem your car has, in order to have the proper repairing. Lincolnwood Car Service provides high qualified teams of specialists who know exactly what tests should run to your vehicle and how to interpret them. The right interpretation leads to solving correctly the problem. This can save you from spending a great deal of money in the future. So don't wait for your car to fail and bring it for a full diagnosis service. Call us at (773) 216 - 4840 for an appointment or stop by to Lincolnwood Car Service.

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